Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Checklist for Filing Taxes

Tax Filing Checklist


  1. All income forms or T slips
  2. RRSPs and or/other investments
  3. Rent receipts
  4. Medical expense receipts
  5. Public transportation passes
  6. Tuition and/or school books receipts
  7. Charitable contribution receipts
  8. Property taxes if applicable
  9. Any government or health care credits/receipts

Small business’ sole – proprietorship T2125 tax form

  1. All income received by the business
  2. Business RRSPs and/or other investments
  3. Business investment income
  4. All other income
  5. Business rent
  6. Business car expenses – with mileage log (if leasing, interest paid)
  7. All other business expenses, cost of goods, meals & entertainment, research & development, advertising, office supplies, business phone, home office expenses, inventory, just to name a few.
  8. Business assets, i.e. building, car, computer, property
  9. Business equipment
  10. Payroll liabilities and if applicable employer’s contributions and drawings
  11. HST remitted for the fiscal year
  12. WSIB premiums remitted for the fiscal year
  13. Public transportation passes – if used for the business
  14. Tuition and or school books – if education was used for business improvement
  15. Charitable contribution receipts
  16. Property taxes if applicable
  17. Plus all the expenses that you can claim as an individual