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Rates & Services

We will work with you to help find solutions to all your bookkeeping, payroll, government filing and tax needs.

Full Bookkeeping Services

Enter invoices, pay invoices, enter bills, pay bills reconciling monthly
-- Basic Package --

2 - 3 hours weekly

$30 - $45/hr

Enter invoices, pay invoices, enter bills, pay bills reconciling monthly
-- Deluxe Package --

4 or more hours weekly

$25 - $40/hr

Quickbooks Set Up for Business Account

Set up for a new business


File transfer or set up for an existing business


Government Filing and Remittances

HST or payroll filing with account


HST or payroll remittance with account


HST filing without account


payroll filing and remittance with account
Basic Package - 1hour


WSIB - sign up


WSIB filing + remittance



Payroll – first employee


Extra employee(s)


T4,T4 summary , ROE prep and filing with account**


Direct deposit monthly*


*plus a processing fee of $5.00 for each payroll charged to your bank account monthly
**please contact for further details

Tax Services

Small business tax prep and filing
1-2 hour average each additional hour $50.00


Individual tax filing
$2.00 - $5.00 for extra income or deductions


Other Services

CRA phone calls - Feb – Jun


CRA phone calls – Jul – Jan


Fax service local – per-page


Fax service long distance – per-page


Mailing service (mailing + surcharge*)
*If postage cost is more than $10.00 it will be extra/ added to invoice



Rates vary, will discuss with client

Training/ Tutorials

Rates vary, will discuss with client

If price is an issue, please let us know and we can work with you to find a solution

All travel is restricted to Toronto only, a 3 hour minimum for all travel appointments or a minimum charge for travel will be charged.